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Organization hub for idea and content creation mode
in progress
Organization hub for idea and content creation mode. A scheduler that makes organizing in uploading and storing media for photo and video posts that you can assign tag and labels, be able to sort media by tags, labels, type of media (video/photo). have a draft section that also has filters by labels, tags, type of content (reel, quotes, photo ect) pillars, themes and date added or created. Almost like a draft version of a media library like the later app. To be able to have a way to not just have a draft section but other variations the content move through. For example, idea, draft, plan, writing, review, approved, scheduled and posted, and graveyard (for idea post that never made but could be used for later). Almost like an assembly line because when put in drafts we can not tell which drafts have hashtags of captions being started vs. drafts that is just ideas without a planned date to post. This could help in the content-making process and is great for teams. For teams great to have chat to give notes for specific posts where someone can come and comment to change the text in the post for example which will allow the receiver of the message to be able to go to the direct post in question. To have drop/google drive integrated. Also free stock photo or video library as well as a link to things like canva. Like placeholders for post without content like a photo made yet. To have a calendar, week view, time slot view like later app. to be able to switch two scheduled posts and have the times switch as well just like the later app does. To have place to store hashtags and caption templates. To have on the calendar some ideas to post for the months like with a national holiday like national woman's day or coffee day with hashtags, caption and photo/video suggestions. Have a place like plann does for themes for when you are launching or doing a giveaway, but i would also have the option to make my own themes and be able to make templates that will automatically have posts as place holders of the list of posts with notes with caption and hashtag section we can write in if want for things like new launch. I would also like the option to add like plann little tab of events that will be placed on certain days of have a launc start date of closed date so we can see how the content should be leading up to dates.
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