Ability to Edit Posts From the Feed Preview
Scheduling Product
You are now able to quickly edit drafts and scheduled posts from the feed preview!
Scheduling Instagram Feed and Reel Posts from the Mobile App
Scheduling Product
Mobile App
Users can now schedule Instagram feed and reel posts straight from their mobile phones.
New date and time component in scheduling
Scheduling Product
We received feedback from our users that the existing date and time selector was clunky and difficult to use.
The new version features pre-displayed 15 minute time slots that can be quickly selected without having to manually type out the time.
Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 08
Reels Automatic Scheduling
instagram-flick-Creating post
Flick users are now able to plan and schedule their reels on Flick. This will be automatically posted at the scheduled time.
Other benefits:
  • Automatically cross post reels to Instagram and Facebook
  • Preview how your reels will look and side like ahead of time
  • Preview how your reels will slot into your feed with the feed preview
Coming soon:
  • Add custom cover pictures to reels
  • Tag products in your instagram posts
  • Schedule to TikTok from Flick
Schedule your Instagram and Facebook posts in a few clicks
instagram-flick-Creating post
As of today, Flick supports the ability to post to both Instagram and Facebook. With our cross platform scheduler, you are able to
make small tweaks to each social platform before scheduling
Want to have slightly different copy for Instagram vs Facebook? No problem!
Want to have hashtags on Instagram but not Facebook? You can do that to!
Want to have slightly different videos or images for Instagram and Facebook? A few clicks and it's done for you!
Filter Search Results by Keywords
Hashtag Product
instagram-flick-Creating post (1)
We now support a brand new filter in our hashtag search engine:
You can choose to either include or exclude keywords from search results. For example, I could search for "#fishing" and specify to only show hashtags that include the keywords "sea".
Giving you these results:
Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 09
Along with this release, we've redesigned how our existing filters look to make them more accessible to all users.
Invite Team Members to Flick
Flick Workspace
Oh, social media managers and agencies. We’ve heard your pleas to be able to add team members to your account and our new feature is finally here!
Introducing Teams to Flick! 🎉
When it comes to social media management, collaboration is vital. Whether it’s working alongside clients, colleagues, or management. Teams will allow you to do just that. With Teams, you’ll be able to invite different members to your workspaces and control what they can and cannot access. Woohoo!
As an owner of your workspace, you can now invite ‘members’ into your Flick account without the need to share passwords; limit what members can access, including billing and access to different social accounts, and you’ll also be able to remove invited users as required.
Preview Reels in the Feed Preview
Scheduling Product
We are excited to announce that Flick will now show reels in the feed preview.
This will be done automatically without the need for you to upload thumbnails or placeholders!
Instagram Reels Analytics
Analytic Product
Starting today, you can now view your Instagram Reels analytics inside your Flick account! We’re so excited to announce that you’re officially able to access ALL of your Instagram analytics all in one place!
With Flick, you can now check out your:️
⭐️ Likes
️⭐️ Comments
⭐️️ Plays (Impressions)
️⭐️ Reach
️⭐️ Saved
️⭐️ Shares
️⭐️ Engagement Rate
And we’re only getting started! Login to your Flick account to get started today!
𝐏𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: Meta announced that this is an initial roll-out of the Reels API and only 25% of Instagram users will be granted Analytics through it. It should be available to all Instagram users by July 6th.
Schedule Instagram posts on Flick 🗓
Scheduling Product
Visually (and easily) plan your future Instagram posts
  • Automatically post to Instagram
  • See your Best Times to Post
  • Reliable and easy-to-use
  • Create drafts to return to later
Design the perfect feed before your posts go live
  • Easily rearrange your scheduled posts
  • Quickly edit posting times and content
  • Preview your future feed ahead of time
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