Products and services
You can now integrate your products and services into Flick's AI Social Assistant!
Effortlessly blend your products and services into Flick's AI-powered content creation. This upgrade is all about precision and ease, transforming how you craft content for your offerings.
Why should I do this?
  1. Tailored Content: Flick's AI now crafts content that's specifically tailored to each of your offerings.
  2. Speed and Efficiency: With all your product details at Flick's fingertips, our AI makes content creation not just quicker but also more creative and cohesive.
How does it work?
  1. Link your product page and watch as we generate a full product description ready for use in your future posts.
  2. Assign categories, set prices, and add extra tidbits to each product. The more you tell us, the better your content gets.
  3. Link your favorite product images for eye-catching content that's bound to get likes, shares, and, most importantly, sales.
  4. Select your product when creating promotional or educational content in your caption assistant!
You can access a quick step-by-step with pictures here 🪄