Open Benchmarks: Free to use Instagram Benchmarks
Analytic Product
Understanding where you should focus your attention to get the results you want can often be confusing. While there are blog posts online and Instagram experts who can provide advice, this information can be quite noisy and can quickly become outdated. We wanted to create a solution for this.
Open Benchmarks is a free resource you can use to uncover areas you’re succeeding in and other places that could use some extra love and attention to help your account grow. If you’re a content creator, social media manager, small business, or just curious about your Instagram stats, being able to access reliable, up-to-date information that will help your account grow and succeed is a must.
Flick no longer counts posts with no hashtags towards post tracking limits
Flick Workspace
The solo and growth plans can track 10 and 30 posts a month respectively. By tracking a post, Flick would monitor the performance of every hashtag on that post and provide users with insights on their performance.
Before today, posts with no hashtags would also count towards the plans's limits. However this is now no longer the case.
Mobile App Suggested & Recent Searches
Mobile App
Users now receive suggested hashtags to search based on their profile and previous searches. We hope this allows our users to find a more divers amount of hashtags and save time thinking of key terms to start searching with.
Select Custom Time Periods in Analytics
Analytic Product
Users are now able to select any time period (up to two years ago) to view their analytics. This will be especially helpful to users looking to create monthly reports for stakeholders.
Custom time periods were originally included within our product but removed a few months ago in order to make improvements to other parts of analytics. We hope you are as happy as we are to see them back!
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Mobile App Analytic Graphs and Audit
Analytic Product
Mobile App
Users are now able to further optimise their Instagram strategy by studying their account's performance on our mobile app's detailed graphs.
As part of this release, we also migrated the popular "Hashtag Audit" from our desktop web app to our mobile app. Users can now check for banned or oversized hashtags on the go!
Upgraded Weekly Reports
Analytic Product
Here's what you can expect to see...
  • Your key account-based performance metrics
  • How many hashtags you’ve ranked on
  • Your top-performing content
  • Which day your profile was generating the most interest
  • Your change in followers
  • The latest Instagram marketing tips, tricks & trends from our blog
  • These changes will provide you with greater visibility of how your Instagram account is performing, and give more guidance on where you can improve your results week after week.
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Analyze IGTV performance within Flick
Analytic Product
Flick now allows you to analyze the performance of your IGTV posts. With our IGTV analytics you will better understand what type of IGTV content best resonates with your audience
Our analytics provide you with:
  1. Engagement Metrics
  2. Engagement Rate
  3. Hashtag Performance
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Analyze Story Performance within Flick
Analytic Product
As part of the improvements made to our analytics suite, Flick now supports Inatgram story Analytics.
You can finally identify what story content is causing your viewers to drop off and which content type you should double down on to increase engagement on your account.
Flick gives you access to the following metrics:
  • Story Views & Impressions
  • Completion Rate - What percentage of people complete your stories
  • Average Slide per Viewer (Unique to Flick) - The average amount of slides your viewers will watch before dropping off
  • Impression funnel - visually see which story slides are causing your viewers to drop off
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Compare metrics to past periods
Analytic Product
It's time to get even more analytical! Keep in touch with your progress by comparing the performance of all your key metrics to the past period.
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Access New and Actionable Insights within Flick's Analytics
Analytic Product
Users will now be able to access 15+ new metrics for their Instagram account including:
  • The time spent ranking on hashtags
  • The average completion rate of stories
  • Their account's conversion rate, reach rate and click-through rate...
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