Improvements to our scheduler
Scheduling Product
We've released a variety of UX improvements to our scheduler.
  • Now shows the current day on the monthly view
  • Changed the position of the dates on the monthly calendar view to make them more visible
  • Increased the size of the posts in the calendar to improve readability
  • Changed from "8a" or "8p" to "8am" or "8pm"
  • Fixed timezone issues on the calendar
  • No notifies users visiting the scheduler on mobile to re-visit on desktop
Feed Previewer:
  • Fixed bug causing feed to not loaf sometimes
  • Added a column which showcases the current scheduled posts and their scheduled time
  • Added a delay to switching posts to reduce jitter when drag and dropping
Media Library
  • New uploaded media will now be shown at the top of the media library
  • Fixed issue causing users to not be able to upload .mov files
Flick no longer stops users from scheduling Instagram carousel posts due to dimension restrictions.
Scheduling Product
You will no longer encounter issue with Flick stopping you from scheduling carousels due to dimension restrictions. Instead, you will be able to handle these in Instagram at the time of posting.
Improved flow for adding hashtags to scheduled posts
Hashtag Product
Scheduling Product
Scheduling beta testers are now able to add selected hashtags when scheduling a post in a single click. Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 23
New design for the blog
Learn Product
We've completely re-designed the blog home page to make it easier to find the content and resources you want.
In addition users are now able to:
  • Sign up to our bi-weekly newsletter
  • Filter blog posts by category
  • Receive suggested blog posts based on reading history
Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 23
Instagram Scheduler Feed Previewer
Scheduling Product
You can now plan your feed visually by previewing what your feed will look like after posting your content. Our drag and drag interface makes it easy for you to play around with the layout of your feed that works best. Once happy, you can save your changes and Flick will automatically schedule your content for you.
Note: Currently users are not able to schedule new posts from this view or create placeholders for reels.
Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 23
Start of Flick's Scheduling Beta 🎉
Scheduling Product
Today, we launched Flick's Scheduler to our first set of beta testers. In the initial version of the beta users are able to:
  1. Use our drag and drop calendar to schedule Instagram posts
  2. Schedule single and carousel posts
  3. Add first comment and tag users on single posts
  4. Edit, crop and trim media from within Flick
  5. Access their scheduled media from the mobile app Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 23
Benchmark your account against similar accounts in analytics!
Analytic Product
Users can now benchmark their account's performance against the performance of similar accounts across 16 different metrics including "Engagement rate", "Rank Ratio", "Click through Rate" and many more.
Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 23
Expanded Metrics View in Analytics
Analytic Product
Users can now expand metrics within analytics to get a more detailed view of a particular metric. In ht expanded view users can chose to compare their account's performance to a previous time period or accounts of similar sizes.
Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 23
Open Benchmarks: Free to use Instagram Benchmarks
Analytic Product
Understanding where you should focus your attention to get the results you want can often be confusing. While there are blog posts online and Instagram experts who can provide advice, this information can be quite noisy and can quickly become outdated. We wanted to create a solution for this.
Open Benchmarks is a free resource you can use to uncover areas you’re succeeding in and other places that could use some extra love and attention to help your account grow. If you’re a content creator, social media manager, small business, or just curious about your Instagram stats, being able to access reliable, up-to-date information that will help your account grow and succeed is a must.
Flick no longer counts posts with no hashtags towards post tracking limits
Flick Workspace
The solo and growth plans can track 10 and 30 posts a month respectively. By tracking a post, Flick would monitor the performance of every hashtag on that post and provide users with insights on their performance.
Before today, posts with no hashtags would also count towards the plans's limits. However this is now no longer the case.
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