Improvements to our scheduler
Scheduling Product
We've released a variety of UX improvements to our scheduler.
  • Now shows the current day on the monthly view
  • Changed the position of the dates on the monthly calendar view to make them more visible
  • Increased the size of the posts in the calendar to improve readability
  • Changed from "8a" or "8p" to "8am" or "8pm"
  • Fixed timezone issues on the calendar
  • No notifies users visiting the scheduler on mobile to re-visit on desktop
Feed Previewer:
  • Fixed bug causing feed to not load sometimes
  • Added a column which showcases the current scheduled posts and their scheduled time
  • Added a delay to switching posts to reduce jitter when drag and dropping
Media Library
  • New uploaded media will now be shown at the top of the media library
  • Fixed issue causing users to not be able to upload .mov files